Let's chat!

TuneTracker Systems frequents two chatrooms, where we are happy to answer questions both before and after the sale. The ttsystems IRC chat channel is a good place to meet with us about general questions, as well as ask for assistance from other Command Center users. The BeShare chatroom is also available, and we make good use of that resource when doing direct support with you.

  1. IRC Chat

    The #ttsystems chat channnel is our spot for Internet Relay Chat.

    If you're using a version of Command Center, you can make use of the included "Vision" IRC chat client (SHIFT-CTRL-V brings it up automatically in most of our distributions). If you're in Windows, you can use MIRC or another program.

    Point your IRC client to the network, irc.freenode.net, and join the channel, ttsystems by typing-in:

    # join ttsystems

    In some of the newest TuneTracker installations, Vision will join the channel automatically for you when you launch it.

    We recommend you stay logged in as much as possible. The more people stay logged-in, the more we can all make contact and help each other. We only allow good-natured, non-obscene language in our chat channel, and no references to pornographic or illegal material or distributions.

  2. BeShare Chat

    When we assist you directly with technical issues, we may ask you to log into the BeShare chatroom, since that room lets us share files with you, and paste large sections of text into messages back-and-forth, which can be helpful during support cases.

    In current System 5 distributions, you can get to BeShare by doing SHIFT-CTRL-B or by double-clicking the BeShare icon the desktop. After doing so, select the Server "beshare.tycomsystems.com" and you're in. Rules of conduct are posted when you first enter the chatroom.