Compatible with Selector, Music 1, MusicMaster, Natural Music, Power Gold, and likely compatible with others. View results in Microsoft Office, Numbers, OpenOffice, and most other spreadsheet and database programs.

The $200 LPFM Bonus

Keep a close eye on that big, diverse music library.

While commercial stations usually have a smaller, tighter library with limited categories of music, community stations can easily accumulate music libraries that are not only much larger, but much more diverse, with many genres (music styles) and eras represented. Keeping track of what's there can quickly become challenging.

We have the solution.

TuneBridge builds a comprehensive, analyzable database of your entire music library, containing many fields of data that can be loaded into spreadsheets for analysis, and imported into third-party music selectors.

Stop guessing.

With TuneBridge, it's easy to tell, at a glance, how many songs you have in each genre, how many by a particular artist, how many of certain tempos, how many have the same title, how many are instrumentals, and on and on.

TuneBridge data charted
in free online Zoho resource

Generate an unlimited number of unique, customized charts, graphs, and reports using the tools provided in your favorite spreadsheet or database program. Use a commercial suite like Microsoft Office, or one of the excellent free resources such as OpenOffice, or the cool online Zoho database tool. Zoho can be used right from your TuneTracker computer using the Firefox web browser.

Using TuneBridge is simplicity itself.

Just launch the program, choose the drives you want scanned, and TuneBridge will generate your database file and save it with to the location and filename you specify, in a standardized format. You can also limit the search to only a specific folder and its sub-folders if you prefer. Best of all, you can update your music database at any time by simply rerunning TuneBridge and generating an updated database file.

TuneBridge is the brilliant way to take command of your music library.

The LPFM Bonus

TuneBridge sells for $199, but for new TuneTracker customers with licensed LPFM community radio stations or pending applications, let us make a gift of it to you. We know you'll love it.

Be sure to ask for it when you order!