Constructing a day?  It's child's play.

As most civilized humans are already aware, a day is made up of 24 hours, and none of us spend all those hours doing the same thing. Most of us divvy up our day into hours spent sleeping, hours spent working, hours spent in recreation, hours spent reading, traveling, etc.

The same basic principle applies in radio, where stations generally broadcast different kinds of programming during different hours of the day. For each unique type of programming hour, stations use a different "format clock," which contains the framework of what will happen during that hour.

In Command Center System 5, format clock information is stored in individual files, one for unique kind of hour your station plans to broadcast. MakeMyDay's role in the system is to provide you with a quick, easy way to combine those format clocks into day-long "master logs."

MakeMyDay is fast, accurate and downright fun. Launch MakeMyDay from its desktop icon, and type-in a name for the master log you want to create. From the dropdown button, choose the format clock you'll use more than any other. Click to choose other format clocks for the hours that differ from the main one. Click Save. You're done.

To alter an existing master log, because one or more of the format clocks you use in it have changed, just load it into MakeMyDay, click the dropdown button next to any hours that need changing, then click Save.

MakeMyDay is FREE in Command Center System 5, and extremely affordable for everyone else, because we think everyone should benefit from it. For users of older (BeOS) versions of the TuneTracker System, it is orderable below.

MakeMyDay. It's fast, it's easy, and it

   MakeMyDay™ BeOS Version

Instant Master Maker

Single user license and software for MakeMyDay master log generator for the Be Operating System (BeOS). Delivered as a file attachment, via e-mail. For older TuneTracker Systems. This purchase not required with System 5.