Where Things Stand

We suggest you start by reading the "Backstory" in the sidebar on the right, which briefly explains our history and our current status.

The first thing to know is that TuneTracker Systems is still as "here" as ever! If you have one of the thousand systems we've sold over the years, you're not out in the cold just because we aren't presently selling "Station-in-a-Box" units. All the support you're used to is still available, and we're just as devoted to your needs as ever.

The Status of AutoCast Radio Automation Software

Our AutoCast radio automation is in an advanced state of readiness, and in our opinion, is a viable option for stations right now, despite its current "Beta" status. It performs all of its current capabilities stably and flawlessly. It is not, however 100% feature-complete yet. What remains to be tied in are switcher control functionality and a few other options that are not yet in place. Call it "95%" feature complete, more than adquate for most operations. Because it is so far along already, we have no concerns about offering it for sale in its current state of readiness, and will give System 6 owners a free upgrade once the final official System 6 is released.

Addressing the Hardware Question

It may be that a time will come when the motherboard compatibility issue resolves itself under Haiku, and if so, we'll continue developing for that platform. In the meanwhile, we are working on a more "hardware flexible" option that we hope will allow us to offer complete "Station-in-a-Box" systems once again. If that happens, anyone with System 6 will be able to move over onto the new platform for just the cost of a USB flash drive and shipping.

The Status of Our Website

As with the TuneTracker System itself, this website is clean and simple to navigate, but very deep underneath. We are updating everything to reflect the current status of all our offerings, but until that is completed, please check our status page and communicate with us directly, to confirm the details about anything we offer that interests you.

Future Updates

There you have it, a complete and honest summary of exactly where everything is at. Conclusion: We're here, we plan to stay, and we're just in "hardware limbo" at the moment.

We'll keep this page stocked with fresh information as we have it, but for now, you're up-to-date. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to Contact us.