TuneTracker System 6.2

TuneTracker System 6.2 brings users exciting new bulk normalization and trim features, a powerful "front sell" command for intro'ing songs, playback history, program log control of our new Fetchit! program, fullscreen mode, temperature announcement enhancements, and...(drum roll)...an end to CTRL-R!

Killer new audio preparation features...

For the first time ever, our ArmyKnife program lets you automatically fine-tune your audio files, non-destructively. Our system analyzes your songs and saves information to their attributes that will be used during playback in AutoCast. This innovative approach assures there is no loss in quality, because the audio file's waveform is left completely untouched.

Normalize analyzes the peaks in your songs and other audio files. Use it to increase all your songs to a matching maximum volume, assuring better transitions from song to song

AutoTrim looks for silences at both ends of your songs and eliminates them harmlessly, using a sophisticated "listening" algorithm you can adjust to be as passive or aggressive as you like.

Volume Boost lets you manually boost the volume of a song, by dragging a slider.

Bulk Processing! This is where things really get exciting. Do automatic normalization and silence trimming on hundreds of files at a time. You can even set a manual amount of volume boost and apply that to multiple files. And because it's all done non-destructively, you can proceed without fear of messing up the quality of your songs' waveforms.

Also new in ArmyKnife...

Zero-mystery history...

Eliminate all doubt about when, and how often, something has been on the air. Enable "History" on any files you want to track, and System 6.2 will start compiling a list of all the times that file has played. Know at a glance, right from the History tab in ArmyKnife, the exact dates and times; a complete playback history!

AutoCast: getting smarter all the time...

AutoCast radio automation introduces a "FrontSell" command, a new viewing mode, and loads of clever new features and improvements that build on its reputation for innovation and user-friendliness.

Introducing, "SteadyCast!"

Standing guard over System 6.2 is our brand new SteadyCast program, which monitors for signs of trouble and corrects them automatically. SteadyCast runs silently in the background, helping to assure every part of your TuneTracker System is healthy and operating properly.

New multi-partition approach

While you can still store all your station files on the same hard drive partition as your software and operating system, System 6.2 is now optimized to make use of two hard drive partitions; "System" and "Radio Files." That way, you can keep all your Station contents separate. The big benefit comes when you want to do upgrades in the future, or perform an emergency re-install from your InstallKey USB stick. You can literally wipe out your System volume and do a 100% clean install without ever touching your station contents. Pretty slick!

Many other improvements...