Our Products...a :60 second guide.

Zero confusion.  Here's a quick overview of what we offer.

Our main product is a radio automation suite called "TuneTracker System 6," which contains all the elements necessary to set up and operate your radio station. Included are AutoCast radio automation, TuneStacker music selector, Lightning request finder/program log editor, ArmyKnife attribute/transition editor, MakeMyDay master log builder, CSacker report generator, a complete set of time announcements, and more.

While the System 6 suite is very complete all by itself, we offer excellent add-on products and services for special needs, such as TuneBacker, TT Anywhere, TunePrepper, and Fetchit!, training DVDs, printed manual, etc., all available separately below.

Call us to discuss your needs and request a custom quote. When you're ready to order, you can use our convenient shopping cart or place your order by phone. 920-672-8244

TuneTracker System 6

The TuneTracker System 6 suite includes the elegant, powerful AutoCast radio automation program, along with advanced applications for music importation and markup, music selection (program log builder), report generation, Traffic interfacing, finding requests, drag-and-drop program log editing, and available satellite control. System 6 truly puts you in command, with a highly-customizable experience and loads of professional features....

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Extras, Add-ons, and Special Products

Vicennia Adult Contemporary
Music Library Format

If you and your listeners LOVE the music of the 70s and 80s, Vicennia adult contemporary library is going to be an instant winner for you. This BIG, 1500 song library is the hand-picked best of the 70s and 80s, with complementary hits from the surrounding decades, all chosen to go great together.

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HeartSong Contemporary Christian Format

If you are starting a new Christian broadcast station and need a format, we have a beauty for you. HeartSong Radio is fresh, bold, and inspiring, and we can provide it pre-installed on any of our Station-in-a-Box systems for just $399, or customized with your call letters and slogan for $579. Find out more about it, listen to our demos, and if you have questions, please call us.

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Discover Haiku

If you've never experienced the Haiku operating system, here's a fun way to get into it. Discover Haiku comes on USB and includes loads of useful, fun and interesting programs, plus a limited demo of the TuneTracker System (see our TuneTracker Experience package for a more complete TuneTracker System demo).

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Hourless Time Announcements™

A critical component for Internet and shortwave broadcasters, as well as any other radio station that serves multiple time zones, this package announces the time without specifying the hour. The announcements proclaim it to be, "12 past the hour," "half past the hour," "six minutes before the hour, etc." This lets you provide time checks that keep your listeners on track, without confusing them by giving the time in your local time zone.

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TuneBridge scans your System 6 music library and creates a database file that can be imported into third party music selection programs, such as Music 1, MusicMaster, Selector, Natural Music, and PowerGold. allowing you to use AutoCast with whatever music scheduler you like best. TuneBridge is also a great tool for doing in-depth analysis of your music library in your favorite database or spreadsheet program.

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FastTracker Video Learning Series

When it comes to "getting up to speed" on TuneTracker System 6, you can't beat FastTracker DVDs. On each DVD, TuneTracker Systems' Dane Scott takes you through a part of the system, demonstrating features and handy how-to's while you watch every step. These pleasant, user-friendly videos make learning the system quick and fun.

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Natural Log Traffic Software

If you're a commercial radio station, and want to use traffic software with System 6, here's a package we recommend highly. Natural Log is a third party product considered by many to be the best "buyout" Traffic software, and it can be ordered through TuneTracker Systems at a discount. This highly-capable program integrates perfectly with System 6.

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Let TuneTracker Systems™ train your staff in the use of System 6 and our addons and accessories. Training includes a free copy of our TT Anywhere remote administration program, and is conducted over telephone. Just have your staff in the room, put us on speaker, and we'll describe and demonstrate the system right onscreen. Full day ($600) and half day ($450) seminars are available, customized to the unique needs of your station. In-person seminars are available in the midwestern U.S., within a day's drive of our Wisconsin headquarters. Station pays travel, food, lodging. Call for details.


TuneTracker Systems™ offers a variety of services to help customize what your station plays, and how your radio station peforms a variety of tasks. Among the services we offer are:

  • Assistance in designing your station's format
  • Customized liners that match your time announcements
  • The writing of scripts that automate tasks such as downloads, uploads, and file manipulation
  • Music ripping and preparation

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  • Update365...it's FREE

    A premium service that costs you nothing! Update365 brings all our System 6 customers the latest-greatest features and improvements with the click of a button, as soon as they're available. Just "Check for updates" from within any program in System 6 (including AutoCast, TuneStacker, Lightning, ArmyKnife, and MakeMyDay), and the newest versions will be delivered "fresh," and installed for you instantly.

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    With more and more programming delivered over the Internet, having the ability to do automated downloads is more than just a good idea. For many stations, It's a necessity! Meet Fetchit!, the friendly, faithful file retriever. This sophisticated, yet easy-to-use program can be set up to retrieve files individually, or in groups, each on its own schedule. Download items as frequently or infrequently as you like. Save the files to your choice of radio station folders.

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    TT Anywhere™

    These days, mobility is the key. With TT Anywhere™, you can remotely control and manage your System 6 computer over the Internet or your local area network. Just log-in from your home, office, or anywhere else, and work on your system just as you would if you were sitting in front of it. Works with desktops, laptops, IOS, Surface, and Android devices....

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    Hey, it's a computer! Let's not bury our heads in the sand and pretend. The other companies might not say it, but we will: NO computer is 100% immune from an occasional freeze or lockup. Our TuneSentry box will talk to your broadcast computer every few seconds, and if it stops responding, it'll power it off and back on so it reboots and gets back on the air fast.

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    Temperature Announcements

    The perfect accompaniment to the time announcements that come free in System 6, our "TempAnnounce" package lets you provide the time-honored service of announcing the "time and temp." Not only is it useful to your listeners, but it is a very sellable service...

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    TunePrepper™ is the only program in the world that can take your music from CD to ready-for-broadcast with one click of the mouse. TunePrepper™ will look up the tracks online, rip them, trim silence from them, normalize their volumes, write them to the hard drive in your choice of formats (using the folder and naming structure of your choice) and index them for instant access by our music selection software...

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    Format Clock Design Service

    If you want to speed up your launch timetable, be sure to ask for this option. Spend just 10 minutes on the phone with TuneTracker Systems, describe what needs to happen during a typical hour of programming, and we'll design your format clock for you, including all the necessary random music selection, "cart rotations," and more. The cost is just $75 per unique format clock you request. We can even have your format clocks ready by the time your system arrives.

    Just ask for "Format Clock Assist" when you call to place your order.

    Set Us Up

    Do you have "just days" to get your System 6 station up-and-running? Or are you too busy to spend time at first, learning how to use your system? Our "Set Us Up" option is a great choice. For just $499, we'll log in remotely and set up your station for you. Includes creation of up to two format clocks, two master logs, assistance with setting up your networking and music importation, and a free copy of our $99.95 TT Anywhere remote administration software.

    Set Us Up NOW

    In a super-mega-ultra-rush? For $699, we'll drop everything and set you up to go on the air as soon as the next day (depending upon complexity) after you receive your system.

    Just ask for the "Set Us Up NOW" option when ordering.

    Automatic Program Log Generation

    For only $75, TuneTracker Systems will create a custom tool that will cause the system to generate all your program logs for you automatically, completely unattended.

    Just ask for the "Automatic Program Log Generation" option when ordering.

    Gig Doctor Voiceover Services

    Your radio background has helped you to develop your voice as an announcer. Now, use it to earn additional income as a voiceover person!.

    Our Gig Doctor services provides voiceover coaching, as well as assistance in marketing your voice to people who need the services of announcers, narrators, and voice actors.

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